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Why is August the Best Time to Buy a Car?

One of the biggest decisions we make is purchasing a car. It’s a huge investment and a stressful process from start to finish. At Gary’s Based on car sales and pricing from the past several years, it looks like August is one of the best times of the year to purchase a new car.


Due to a combination of the seasons changing from summer to fall, so there is less interest in car buying among most drivers. On top of that, most dealerships are looking to clean out their inventory to make room for newer models during August. This cost difference is exaggerated for SUV purchases, which drops over $400 compared to the average annual cost. If you’ve been looking for the right time to buy, this is it!


Although many car shoppers have considered times like Black Friday, New Year’s, and Christmas sales to be the best time to purchase a new car, the advertised discounts don’t add up to nearly as many savings as you can get by purchasing in August. The first two days of August are the very best days to purchase because the first two days of each month tend to have better deals than later on. Buying early in the month can mean an average of $300 or so in savings!


If you really can’t swing it in time for this August, you can always save up and wait for next August or July (just under $200 average difference from August savings). Repair, maintenance, and regular service for your car are a must, so save on your purchase price, so it will be fiscally easier to take care of your car and make it last a long time! When you need repair services for your car, new or old, come into Gary’s Auto Service. We’re happy to help!



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