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Tips and Tricks for Summer Road Trips with your Kids


Traveling with kids in the car can be a messy, stressful prospect, especially when it's a long road trip! At Gary’s Auto, we love to keep it organized, so we’ve applied some of that logic to road trips with our own families! Here are a few pointers from us on how to keep things fun, happy, and tidy the next time you travel with the kids!



1. Never underestimate the wonder of Ziploc baggies.

You would be surprised how many uses you can find for these! Use them to pack each day’s outfit for the kids to keep things organized. You can also pack up snack ahead of time and use the baggies for resealable storage rather than having chips everywhere.



2. Bring car-friendly activities and fun!

We suggest investing in an in-car organization system like these, that hang on the back for the two front seats. If you want to avoid electronics, try making binders for each kid with some pictures of their favorite characters to color, word searches about where you’re headed (e.g. all the words are different kinds of fish if you’re going to the aquarium), and scavenger hunt lists for them to check of that are road signs along the drive.


3. Give the kids special jobs.

Even little kids do better when they have a specific job that makes sense for their age and interests. Make one of the kids co-navigator with a map to your destination. Or, share with them which mile markers and signs to look for on the trip. You could also put the kids in charge of the music or let them pick the audiobook for part of the trip.


4. Minimize food and garbage.

To avoid wrappers and all sorts of garbage collecting in the backseats, designate a garbage bag so that the trash collects there, rather than the floor. Bringing snacks along and stopping to eat rather than going on the drive through will also help keep the car clean. If you’ve got particularly messy eaters, check out this activity tray that doubles as a food tray for kids to use in the car! There are even wastebaskets you can get that are specially made for just this reason like this one.



5. Take advantage of rest stops.

Rest stops can be a saving grace when you’re on a road trip. You can map it out ahead of time so that you don’t get stuck going for an hour with no bathrooms in sight! Plus, giving kids time to stretch their legs each time you make a rest stop will help with the wiggles!


Before you head out on your summertime road trip with the family and their young friends, be sure to swing by Gary's Auto Repair to make sure your car's fluid levels are where they should be, the tires are in good shape, and that all systems are ready to roll. You can easily avoid a road trip break down if you come to us before you hit the road. Call today to schedule your appointment. You'll be glad you did!



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