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Is Your Car Thirsty? The Importance of Fluid Maintenance

Cars need fluids as much as humans do. When humans become dehydrated, it affects cardiac and renal functioning along with electrolyte balance. Without proper hydration, humans wouldn’t last a week. Without oil or coolant, your car wouldn’t last a single day.  

  1. Oil: Check your owner’s manual to make sure you are using the proper oil for your engine. Keep in mind that as we ease out of winter, you might also want to check with your favorite mechanic to make sure that the type you are using is the best for our Florissant conditions. Oil is what lubricates the parts of your engine. Without it, your engine will seize up, and you’ll immediately go from a good day to a not-so-good day. 
  2. Radiator Fluid: An engine runs hot. Extremely hot. Radiator fluid does the job of keeping your engine from overheating. When you run too low on radiator fluid, you are going to end up on the side of the road. NEVER check your radiator fluid if your engine is hot. You will no longer be on the side of the road; you will be on your way to the hospital. 
  3. Transmission Fluid: There are many components of your transmission, and they all need lubrication. Not only do they need lubrication, but they also need fluids that are still doing their job. Whet your transmission fluid gets too old and dirty, it breaks down and stops doing its job. 
  4. Power Steering Fluid: Without it, you would be hurled back in time to your first car that quite possibly (if not probably) did not have power steering. We are a wee bit spoiled in these modern times of ours when it comes to turning left and right, not to mention parallel parking!
  5. Brake Fluid: Simply put, don’t run out of this fluid! This is what keeps your brake pedal connecting with your brakes. Without it… well, you can guess. 
  6. Air Conditioning Coolant: Imagine life during the summer in Florissant, MO without air conditioning in your car. Enough said. 
  7. Washer Fluid: Never use water, and you probably want to change the type you use depending on the season. The good thing is you can inexpensively and quickly pick it up for most gas stations. 
  8. Gasoline: Aside from the fact that your car won’t run without it (at all), if you are able, invest in the higher quality grade. It helps your car run smooth. 

Some of these fluids are very easy for you to check on your own. Some of them you can also change on your own. If, however, you don’t want to, then Gary’s Auto Service in Florissant is here to save the day! We’d love to be your go-to shop to keep your car from ever getting thirsty again. Book an appointment with us today!


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