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Holiday Driving Dos and Don’ts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everywhere across our fair nation, families are preparing to spend time together over the holiday season. There are a lot more cars on the road right now, which means there are some extra tips to keep in mind. Here are our top dos and don’ts:


Drink and drive This one maybe goes without saying, but please designate a driver or else take Uber or Lyft if you plan to drink. It just isn’t worth it!
Plan too much There is a tendency to overbook oneself during the holidays. It takes longer to get places, and everyone is stressed. Road rage can be worse this time of year, so take a breath, and remember you don’t have to do it all.

Speed The police are out in full force this time of year, and anyway, speeding is dangerous for lots of reasons. Give yourself extra time to course correct and drive at or below the speed limit. 

Forget to breathe and relax It’s easy to get anxious with all of the extra holiday things to do. Remember--you aren’t superhuman. You don’t have to do everything! Remember to check in with yourself about your stress levels. And relax!


Allow extra time to reach destinations Traffic conditions can change quickly. So save yourself the headache of being late, and leave extra time to get to where you’re going. Using Waze can help with this, as Waze monitors traffic conditions in live time. Don’t have a way to check your phone on the road? Consider a car mount like this one so you can check traffic without having to text and drive! 

Do be patient Patient in your car. Patient with your loved ones. Patient with drivers on the road. Patient with retail and other service workers. Patient with yourself. What the world needs more than anything else right now is kindness! 

Last, but not least...

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